That was an AWESOME weekend!  Great baseball with a great extended family!  The team represented itself extremely well all weekend long. The thing that jumped out at me the most was that I could not tell the difference, from a body language and attitude perspective, between the games that we were losing, the games that we were winning by a small margin, and the games that we blew it open early. That steadiness was key in allowing us to take a very competitive tournament.

This brings our record to 20-9-1 (the tie called for darkness) with 2 tourney wins, 2 second places, a 4th place in a 16 team 15u tourney with a majority of our tourneys being against AAA and Majors teams! We are entering the home stretch now. Lets keep up the momentum and build on our brand for next year! I look forward to a solid practice this week and a competitive weekend in the 15U wood bat tourney. No Excuses!

Sometimes you have it….

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…And sometimes you don’t!

There will be games where you lose. The ball goes right at somebody, you get every bad bounce on the field, etc.

Losing a game does not make you a loser. What makes you a loser is how you react to losing. If you start to feel the pressure when things don’t go well and you react every time you don’t have success, you can pretty much guarantee you will not just lose, you will be a loser. The casual fan who does not know the score, should not be able to tell if you are up or down just by looking at you and watching how you treat everyone around you. If they can, you are not just losing, you are a loser!

The way to be a success in life is to remember three things about body language…

  1. Shoulders back
  2. Chin up
  3. Eyes forward

If you keep that attitude, you will be able to fight through many things that look insurmountable and come out on top. If you slump your shoulders, drop your head, and stare at your feet, you might be a …..

I love that quote! I have an even better one that describes the effort all (and I mean ALL) of the guys on the team put in this weekend…


“Who you are (as a player, person, etc) speaks so loudly; there really is no reason for your words”.


That says it all so I will just be quiet now.


Coach Randal

Da Bulls!

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Joakim Noah’s toe is about to fall off but he keeps limping up and down the court…

Six foot tall Nate Robinson gets 10 stitches in his face and still goes out and scores 27 points…

Luol Deng is in the emergency room getting a spinal tap…

Kirk Hinrich can barely walk with a strained calf muscle…

Derrick Rose (let’s not get into that)…

This team should not be in the NBA let alone playing in the second round of the playoffs. Not only are they in the second round of the playoffs, but they just won game one against the most dominating team in the league, the Miami Heat! The Heat have 3 healthy first ballot hall of famers on the court and they got beat. How?

The Bulls forgot to read the newspapers. The newspapers told them that they were playing a superior team that would smash them. Every expert agreed that when these two teams go head to head it is obvious who comes out on top. The problem is, the Bulls didn’t play the Heat. The Bulls played the Bulls.

Sounds crazy? It’s not. The greatest challenge an athlete and a team will face is staying true to who they are and being the best that they can be at all times no matter what the adversity. If the best you can be is 80% due to whatever circumstance, then 70% is not good enough. 80% is 80%. If that is what you have to give, you better make darn sure that you do not leave anything in the tank at the end of the day, you can’t afford to. If everyone on your side is giving everything they have, and the same is not happening on the other side of the court, the superior talent doesn’t always win.

When everything is going well, sports are fun and it is easy. The true character of an athlete/team comes out when everything is not going well. When the bulls do not have their point guard or leading scorer, they play a more ferocious brand of defense. When the shots are not falling, they hustle for every loose ball and rebound because they know they will need more attempts. There are no excuses, there are no options, they give everything they have to give. Because of that, they beat the reigning NBA champions in game one of a seven game series and stole home field advantage.

  • What happens when you can’t locate your fastball as a pitcher? Are you done?
  • What happens when you can’t buy a hit at the plate? Does your defense suffer?
  • What happens after you get picked off on the base paths? How do you respond?

If all you have on a given day is 80%, make sure that 80% is what you give. Anything less is not enough…


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WOW! What a weekend! I don’t even know where to start to recap what happened last weekend. That was one of the most fun tournaments that I can remember in a long time. There is no way in the world you guys should have been going extra innings in the championship game. You had every excuse to lay down and be happy with playing on Sunday.

  1. You had your number 3 hitter and starting center fielder who is also one of your starting rotation pitchers missing for the tournament
  2. You had your cleanup hitter and starting rotation pitcher missing for a game
  3. Two other players had to miss a game
  4. You had personal tragedy hitting one of your key players
  5. Five pitchers had sore arms before the last game and had to be limited
  6. Marcus caught, pitched, and played first in the Championship game. It was fall-ball all over again
  7. Down by 4 in the last inning

You had every reason to lay down and still be proud of yourselves. But somehow you kept grinding away. when most teams would be pressing too hard and starting to pick at each other, I hear Connor Walsh yelling “Eat Grass”(parents, you have to ask your player what that means), and you did!!!!!

I am proud to be associated with a group of guys like this. It is going to be a great summer



Linear vs Rotational Hitting

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Linear or Rotational hitting? For some baseball folks,  themz fightin werds!

The debate over which is best, Linear or Rotational hitting, can get heated. It’s almost like Democrat or Republican. For a few moments, set your pre-conceived notions aside and watch this collection of great MLB swings. One thing that popped out at me is the combination of linear and rotational mechanics. Most of the hitters started their swings with linear motion from their load towards the pitcher all the way through the planting of their front foot. From that point, notice how little forward motion there is with either their head or hips. Its all rotational from then on. Ask yourself as a hitter, am I leaving something out? Am I missing something? Why do they rotate so much? What do they gain through their linear motion? Can I roll this into my swing? Linear, Rotational, or both?

1. Nobody ever became a ballplayer by walking after a ball
2. You will never become a .300 hitter unless you take the
bat off your shoulder.

3. An outfielder who throws behind a runner is locking
the barn after the horse is stolen.

4. Keep your head up and you may not have to hold it down.

5. When you start to slide, S-L-I-D-E. He who changes
his mind may have to change a good leg for a bad one.

6. Do not alibi on bad hops. Anybody can field the good ones.

7. Always run them out. You can never tell.

8. Do not quit. EVER!

9. Do not find too much fault with the umpires.
You cannot expect them to be as perfect as you are.

10. A pitcher must learn control. If a pitcher doesn’t have control, they don’t have anything.